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Product Description

This fearsome T-Rex playset will bring hours of fun to dinosaur lovers and fans of Playmobil toys, with lots of creative play opportunities.

Enter the world of Dino Rise, as the hero, Ian, rides to battle on his armoured T-Rex, complete with removable armour, barrel catapult and firing cannons. He battles bravely against the evil Comet Corporation and their mechanical robot fighting machine, which is set to destroy everything in its path.

Who will emerge victorious from this battle of the giants? Will Ian save the world or will the Comet Corporation defeat him and his trusty T-Rex? Only time will tell! Enjoy watching your children play as their imagination comes to life.

This set is part of the Playmobil Dino Rise collection and can also be used alongside other Playmobil toys to create even more scenarios and games for hours more fun and adventures. If your little one is mad about dinosaurs or simply loves using their imagination for screen- free play, the T-Rex: Battle of the Giants set is a popular gift for boys and girls that will keep them entertained for hours, whether they’re playing with friends or on their own.


  • Contents: 2 x Playmobil figures, 1 x T-Rex, 1 x Raptor, 1 x Barrel, 6 x Projectiles, 1 x Enemy Robot
  • Dimensions: 36L x 29.2W x 39.9H cm
  • Features firing cannons with barrel catapult function
  • Removable armour
  • Figure can sit on the T-Rex
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
  • The dinosaur’s armour and play figures can be removed for easy
  • If you have other Playmobil sets, you’ll know how well they fit in your child’s hands and have rounded edges for safe and easy play.

70624 - Dinos T-Rex Battle Of The Giants

R1 399,00Price
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