• This is Max in its mermaid version. Just like adorable as the Bloopies Divers, these big eye bath dolls offer endless bath time fun. There are six Bloopies Mermaids with a distinct personality.
  • Press them on the tummy, water and soap bubbles through their mouth. Submerge them in the bath and the tail will change color with hot water. Restores its original colour with cold water. Hours of fun and play with your new friends.
  • Each Bloopie wears a different design with fun pearlescent and bright colors. They include a matching sea-soft pet that also throws water if you press it. Bloopies Sirens are made of durable plastic and safe for children to play in the bath for hours in complete safety.
  • Bloopies Mermaids motivate children to take their bath daily, develop their imagination by recreating a world of adventures and fantasy. Thanks to their pressurised features, they can interact with them by removing water and bubbles without the need for batteries.
  • The Bloopies Mermaids are the protagonists of the animation series with which they learn values of friendship, override and respect by recreating the scenes in the bathroom at home. Bloopies are safe bath dolls, suitable for children aged 18 months. Its height is 10 inches.

Bloopies Mermaids - Max