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  • Special: made in Germany. In a practical set of over 200 individual parts. Building blocks with real water-colour paint and made from sand and corn starch, high educational value, teaches design imagination and fine motor skills for children from 6 years up, compatible with all other Teifoc stone building sets with a tool as an adhesive trowel and mortar bowl including windows and doors. Not for children under the age of 3 years.
  • Box contents: 1 x Teifoc half-timbered house set includes: 1 x mortar dish (blue) 1 x mortar trowel 3 x window frame with window (white) 1 x door frame with door (white), 1 x illustrated building plan for 2 models 1 x base plate 30 x 20 cm, 1 x stone set (various stones, such as tiles, roof tiles, roof Gable, etc.).1 x roof struts set (wood) 1 x Teifoc mortar 1 kg (made of sand and corn starch) 1 x assembly instructions (German download from our online shop).
  • Maybe you've always wanted a half-timbered house? Start with small steps, planning the design in the form of 2 possible models, making this half-timbered house mega set. Made in Germany. Made from natural ingredients and fired clay. Your child aged 6+ will be amazed, a half-timbered house made according to their own individual requirements. In addition, this set has a very high educational value, as it teaches spatial thinking, creativity, dexterity and fine motor skills. Get to work with the trowel. It is enormous fun. With the Teifoc stone house building set, large and small builders alike can learn the skills of house building by playing with large and small building projects. In addition to the bricks in various designs, the Teifoc mortar, small trowel and mortar dish, all layouts in the construction kits are also included. It is also possible to create your own building. All shapes of Teifoc stones are also available as an after-sale set.
  • Once you have acquired some building skills, the real fun starts, as the stone building sets from the Teifoc house know no bounds, as each building can be extended. And the roofing ceremony no longer stands in your way. In order to hold the building together, a high-quality toy mortar ready to use immediately is included in the set. The Teifoc mortar is made of sand and corn extract is water soluble and totally harmless to human health. Simply add water to the included mortar dish and mix with the mortar trowel and then place stone on stone. Walls just like in real life.
  • If a building is torn down, simply place this in a bowl of water. The mortar dissolves and the building blocks can be reused. Please ensure that when you are breaking up the building, do not use the sink, bath or shower. You may find blockages in the drainage system. Marks can be fully removed from clothing. Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years old. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Small parts may be swallowed. Made in Germany.

Brick Construction Set - Framework House

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