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Gigantosaurus is the biggest, loudest dinosaur in the land! He might look scary, but deep down he is always looking after the four little dinosaur friends who are always in awe of him. Mazu, Rocky, Tiny, and Bill are exploring their prehistoric world while conquering fear, enjoying friendship, and having tons of fun and adventure!

The Gigantosaurus Dino Friends Set includes the 4 main characters from the hit show Gigantosaurus. Mazu, Bill, Tiny and Rocky are the best of friends and always help each other as they go on adventures to see what Gigantosaurus is up to.

Key Features:

  • Dinosaur characters as seen in the series Gigantosaurus on Disney Jr. and Disney Channel.
  • Set includes the four main characters: Mazu, Tiny, Bill and Rocky.
  • Figures stand 7 to 8cm tall.
  • Most figures have articulated arms and tails.

Gigantosaurus 4-Pack

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