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Lester features a brand new smiling head and wears a striking three-piece suit. The Union Flag waistcoat is perhaps the most eye-catching aspect of the minifigure and it looks marvellous in contrast with the dark blue jacket and trousers. I particularly appreciate the impressive attention to detail as the diagonal red stripes on the waistcoat are slightly offset, just as they are on the traditional flag.

The minifigure also wears a black bowler hat which is fairly rare, having come in just five sets before now. This element was out of production until recently, hence the limited number of figures which were available in 2016. It was certainly worth the wait though as a properly dressed British minifigure would not be complete without appropriate headgear!

Lester is wisely equipped with an umbrella in readiness for the sudden rain showers which are a notorious feature of British weather. This element has only appeared in three previous sets and looks splendid, with impressive moulded detail throughout the folded canopy as well as a handle for the minifigure to grip.

40308 - Lester Minifigure UK Exclusive

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