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FigurPieces: 76Ages: 4 - 10 YearsThe popular Playmobil advent calendars have been shortening the waiting time for Christmas Eve for many years. With their detailed content, they make the 24 days until the big festival a special experience. At the end of the Christmas season, a small game world of its own was created, which can also be integrated into the existing Playmobil collection. The advent calendar "On the farm" takes you to the countryside: Together with the farmer, the children take care of the sweet farm animals and bring them fresh feed with the tractor. Chickens, rabbits, pigs with piglets and the velvety soft cows are happy about extensive pats. The PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar invites you to an exciting visit to the farm and offers a lot of creative fun until Christmas Eve and beyond.

70189 - Farm Advent Calendar

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