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It's a girl ... and her name is Annabell. With its lifelike features, Baby Annabell® is almost like a real baby. She responds to touch, can cry real tears and loves her vial.

Of course, as small as she is, she needs a lot of sleep. If you rock Annabell in her arms, she closes her eyes and falls asleep with a satisfied snore! After waking up, it's time for a meal. When the little girl gets the bottle, she moves her mouth and eyes while sucking - just like a real baby. When you stroke Annabell's cheek, she babbles happily to herself. If real tears flow, then thanks to the accompanying pacifier, everything quickly gets well again.


  • Baby Annabell® branded doll with life-like features
    • Responds to touch and movement
    • Enables realistic, imaginative role-playing and promotes a sense of responsibility and empathy
    • Batteries required
  • Baby Annabell® with a romper suit and hat.


    1 x bib
    1 x bottle
    1 x pacifier
    1 x diaper
    1 x medallion.

Baby Annabell

R1 699,00Price
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