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Introducing Barbie Extra Mini Minis dolls -- mini dolls in major fashions! These dolls wow with all the bold, trendy looks that we know and love from Barbie Extra, but scaled down into 3.25 inches of fabulous style. Small sizes make these dolls majorly adorable! Plus, their stand-out hairstyles, playful fashions, and included doll stands make them perfect for over-the-top -- yet ultra-minified! -- displays. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Dolls cannot stand alone. colours and decorations may vary.

Features and Benefits:

  • ​Barbie Extra Mini Minis are 3.25-inch small dolls that rock fabulous ​fashions and rooted hairstyles.​​
  • ​Featuring colourful, playful fashions and styling pieces, these dolls showcase the statement looks that are signature of Barbie Extra.​​
  • ​Each Barbie Extra Mini Minis doll comes with four accessories: a hair accessory or sunglasses, earrings, a handbag and a pair of shoes.​​
  • ​With such eye-catching outfits, these dolls are meant for display! They each come with a Barbie Extra Mini Minis logo-detailed doll stand.​​
  • ​Barbie Extra Mini Minis dolls encourage creative style exploration and fashion play, making great gifts for fashion-lovers -- especially those who love to be extra themselves!​​

Barbie Extra Mini Minis - Glasses

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