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All the Cry Babies are new and improved! Meet the Cry Babies Kiss Me Sydney, she is a graceful swan. She has vibrant blue rooted hair, sparkly eyes and light weight to take on the go. Sydney wears a cute shimmery outfit that you can remove to mix and match! Her cheeks blush when little ones give her a kiss on the cheek, so sweet! She cries real tears and makes over 15 realistic baby sounds when you remove her pacifier. To get her to stop crying give her the included paci or baby bottle! Stella includes a changeable outfit, pair of shoes, matching pacifier and a baby bottle.

Features and Benefits:


  • Give Sydney a sweet kiss and watch her cheeks blush! This super sweet deluxe feature will delight little girls and boys as they shower their baby doll with love and affection!
  • She makes 15 realistic baby sounds! She cries and coos like a real baby, letting kids experience nurturing and caring for their baby doll!
  • Her shimmery outfits and shoes are changeable making it easy for you to mix and match outfits with our other Cry Babies dolls!
  • Sydney comes with a trendy outfit, a matching pacifier and a baby bottle!
  • Perfect crying baby doll for fun imaginative play.

Cry Babies - Kiss Me Sydney

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