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There is a new addition to the Kindi Kids family is 2021. Meet new Kindi Kids Little Sisters: Blossom Berri, Mini Mello and Teenie Tiara.
Each doll in Kindi Kids season 5 is scented and comes with Shopkin Rib and Shopkin Dummy. Kindi Kids Lil’ Sisters blow sweet-scented kisses and, like their big sisters, have bobble heads, glittery eyes, and colorful rooted hair. Kids can remove their pacifiers and squeeze their tummies to make them blow a kiss with a sweet scent. Tiny Tiara blows royal cupcake-scented kisses, Mini Mello’s kisses are scented with sweet mallow cream, and Pippa Baby blows summer berri-scented kisses. Available in August, the Lil’ Sisters have poseable, squishy limbs, and come dressed in removable, brightly colored clothing and ruffled diapers with accessories to match their Kindi Kids Big Sisters.

Kindi Kids Scented Sisters - Teenie Tiara

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