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  • MICRO CITY POLICE THEMED PLAYSET! This transforming playset assortment comes in a cool Micro City Police theme! Drive over the ramps, onto the working elevator, and crash through the breakthrough wall!
  • COOL THEMES! The Micro Machines Micro City Police Transforming Playset is one of various playsets, each with theme-appropriate cars and Micro City locations!
  • EXPANDABLE AND COLLECTIBLE! Expand your Micro City Universe with every theme in this assortment using the Connecting Worlds Track Piece!
  • AUTHENTIC DETAILS! Featured is an eye-catching Micro Machines vehicle inspired by its real-life version!
  • CLASSIC TOY! Micro Machines collectibles have been a household favorite for over 30 years! The nostalgic toy is back with all the features you loved and more!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL! Micro Machines toys come in a fun variety of vehicles and playsets! Build your Micro Machines World today!

Micromachines Expanding Playset - City Police

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