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Baby Annabell Little Baby Fun is a sweet baby who has so much fun playing. When she is kissed on the forehead, she copies it with cute kissing sounds or calls for her mummy. Her favourite thing is to be tickled on her tummy – she laughs her head off and she sings when she is rocked back and forth.

Playing makes her hungry and tired: Baby Annabell sucks hungrily on her bottle. Oops, she has spilled a few drops. Never mind. Just clean them up with a cloth and she will be happy again. A little burp after her milk and the little girl is happy to chatter away once again while her nappy is changed. Then she snuggles down to sleep in her cosy pink pyjamas with rose and lamb print. If you gently rock and sway Baby Fun back and forth, she slowly closes her eyes and falls asleep, snoring happily.

Key Features:

  • Baby Annabell branded doll with lifelike functions
  • Reacts to touch and movement
  • Allows realistic, imaginative role play and encourages the development of responsibility and empathy
  • Batteries required
  • Baby Annabell Little Baby Fun is 36cm with romper and hat. Includes bottle, nappy and cloth.

My 1st Baby Annabell

R1 119,00Price
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