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There's happiness at the end of every rainbow! pack your bags and discover a place full of bright colourful faces! rainbow beach is a magical bay where the Lil' Shoppies love to stay over summer! help create and decorate the coolest beach house with their super cute Petkins and accessories! and say Hello to the Lil' pets, your colourful best friends who live at the end of the rainbow! happiness is relaxing in the lounge with a good book and a cool drink! pineapple Lily can always find a Happy place to unwind with her laid back Petkins! it's a little piece of paradise that she loves to share with her friends! the rainbow beach lounging around welcome pack comes with an exclusive Lil' Shoppie: pineapple Lily, a surprise Lil' pet and 12 Petkins for you to fill your Happy places beach house playset! also included is a collector's guide showing you the full collection. Includes a couch, a lounge chair, coffee table, bookshelf, Pineapple Lily's pet bunny, and more.

Shopkins Rainbow Beach - Lounging Around

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