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Steffi LOVE is a real fashion doll. She loves chic clothes, trendy hairstyles, her little sister Evi and of course her boyfriend Kevin. Steffi has countless hobbies and is always perfectly dressed for every occasion.

  • Two dolls: Steffi and Kevin go to the park together and have a picnic with their cute little dog. Kevin is 30cm and Steffi 29cm tall.
  • With picnic set; all three can sit on the picnic blanket. There is crockery and something to drink in the picnic basket, so that you are well fed.
  • Contents of the set: in addition to the Steffi and Kevin doll, the set also includes a dog, a picnic blanket, a basket and other accessories such as plates, bottles and more. Suitable for children from 3 years.

Don’t forget to browse the rest of the Steffi Love range, where you’ll find plenty more dolls, playsets and accessories to inspire their imaginations (each sold separately)

What's in the box
1 x 29cm Steffi Love doll
1 x 30cm Kevin doll
1 x Dog
1 x Picnic basket
1 x Picnic blanket
20 x Accessories (plates, cutlery etc)

Steffi Love - Picnic Fun

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