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Paw Patrol Water Blaster Backpack Chase. Be prepared for ACTION this summer!

Features and Benefits:

  • This Paw Patrol Chase Water Blaster Backpack will help in your imaginary rescue mission in Adventure Bay.
  • Just fill the rescue pack with water, put it on and adjust the straps.
  • Hold the fire hose handle, take aim and pump the blaster to unleash the water!
  • This large capacity water blaster backpack can hold up to 1.1 litre and can blast water up to 9 metres! It’s very easy to fill up from the top and will be ready for action in just a few seconds.
  • Refill the water toys, strap up and be ready to splash!The large capacity will allow plenty of action before requiring a refill!
  • Get ready for some super soaking splash fun this summer with this fun backpack splasher!

Water Blaster Backpack - Paw Patrol Chase

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